Up-cycling plastic bottles into sustainable fashion!


We source our hats from eco-friendly material and fabrics


Our products are shipped in 100% recycled boxes, recycled packing sleeves and biodegradable packing tape


A portion of our profits go directly to reduce plastic waste in the environment

Earth Hatz was founded under the principle of creating the most ecologically sustainable hats with outdoor and nature designs. In order to attain a low impact on the planet, Earth Hatz uses recycled polyester (rPET). It is considerably more energy efficient to recycle polyester than use new sources. Specifically, these hats are made from recycled plastic bottles; which has the benefits of reducing energy use and keeping plastic bottles out of landfills. The bottles go through a multi-stage process creating a thread that is woven into cloth.

Earth Hatz designs are developed and embroidered by Zeph, who spent his childhood discovering and trouping through the forests of the Oregon. Designs range from desert arches to tropical sunsets to Pacific Northwest themes. The hat embroidery is highly detailed using vibrant colors and intricate stitch work.